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Andrae Marrocco Presents at Corporate Success in the US

Simplifying access to the US market through a series of short, high level presentations highlighting the most important issues to be addressed when considering US expansion including banking, accounting/tax, legal, government incentives, site selection and US government services.

Franchise Disclosure: The Nuts and Bolts

Do your disclosure policies and practices comply with Canadian franchise laws? This webinar provides a concise and practical summary of the key areas of the disclosure process which, if not handled properly, can lead to devastating and unexpected consequences.

Andrae Marrocco Presents at the OBA Franchise Law Dinner Program

Andrae Marrocco presented on the topic “Who is an ‘officer’ for the purposes of preparing an FDD under the Arthur Wishart Act?” at the Ontario Bar Association Franchise Law Dinner Program “A Deep Dive into Franchise Disclosure Dilemmas” in Toronto – March 25, 2015.