Andrae Marrocco, Partner in the Toronto office of the Canadian national law firm McMillan LLP, has been selected as a 2019 Legal Eagle by Franchise Times. The annual list of Franchise Times Legal Eagles recognizes the best attorneys in franchising (across the US and Canada) as nominated by their clients and peers, and selected by the editorial board after additional research by Franchise Times.

These attorneys live and breathe franchising and truly understand the nuances of this unique business model. That deep understanding is now more important than ever. Looking around the franchise industry, it’s hard to miss the dissent in some systems and also the extreme need for innovation. Both can put incredible strain on a franchise system. These legal professionals try to both prevent such issues, but also aim to work efficiently toward a positive resolution because they understand what is at stake for both the brand and the franchisee.

With a keen mind for both the legalese and business, they understand the gravitas of every single legal battle, every transaction and every document. That engenders a spirit of collaboration and efficiency among this tight-knit group of legal professionals.

No matter the issue, the Franchise Times Legal Eagles want to get it solved in a fast, cheap and efficient manner. Nobody lasts long on this coveted list while trying to make waves in a dramatic court battle or driving up hours researching franchise law.

For business owners and leaders, having a knowledgeable partner with the business case top of mind is priceless – even when the bill comes.

This year, we dug into the two most pressing legal issues in franchising: the wave of franchise dissent seen among brands large and small, and the necessary updates and innovation that can get ugly fast.

Andrae Marrocco is quoted as saying, “More than ever it is critical that franchisors tailor their agreements to their particular franchise system and, as far as is possible, build in future-proof mechanisms (for new technologies, system changes, etc). This lesson has been learned as new technologies are being adopted like never before.”

Download the 2019 Franchise Times Legal Eagles.

Franchise Times is a highly regarded publication that covers the latest franchise developments across the globe. Franchise Times Legal Eagles is an annual project to identify the top lawyers in franchising (across the US and Canada). Attorneys are evaluated by the number and quality of the nominations they receive from their peers and clients (with weight given to nominations from clients) together with their service to the industry, including by way of presentations and publications.

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