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Cybersecurity & Privacy Consulting Services

Cyberattacks, privacy data breaches, spamming, phishing are concerns for all businesses. Dickinson Wright’s affiliate (“DWA”) offers cybersecurity & compliance consulting services to organizations seeking compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Legal Services

A proliferation of cyberattacks against individuals, governments, and companies over the past decade especially has elevated data breach prevention, response, and remediation to the forefront of our global digital economy.

Doing Business in Canada Series – Part 2: Business Structures

Several different business structures may be used to conduct business in Canada. Non-residents looking to engage with Canadian businesses, or those intending to carry on business in Canada, should familiarize themselves with such structures.

Andrae Marrocco Presents at Corporate Success in the US

Simplifying access to the US market through a series of short, high level presentations highlighting the most important issues to be addressed when considering US expansion including banking, accounting/tax, legal, government incentives, site selection and US government services.

Canadian Government Seeks Input for Innovation Agenda

In September 2015 a new government was elected in Canada on a platform of significant change. Its first budget, tabled in March, outlines a plan for implementation of that change. A significant part of the budget – upwards of $3 billion CAD – is committed to the encouragement of innovation.