Franchise vs Start-Up

It is often said that starting a franchise business has its advantages, a proven business model, ongoing training and support, and an established brand. Here are a few more advantages that franchisees take the benefit of when joining a franchise system.

Questions That a Prospective Franchisee Should Ask a Franchisor

It is absolutely prudent to ask the Franchisor as many questions as necessary to ensure that you understand the complete picture of the franchise arrangement and relationship, after all you are entering into a partnership of sorts with the franchisor. So what are some of the questions that should be asked?

So You Want to Make a Profit

Important matters to assist in pursuing that goal. One of the most common misconceptions of new franchisees is that they expect to make a profit from the first day of opening their franchise doors

So You Want to Buy a Franchise

A decision to buy a franchise raises questions. “I want to buy a franchise; which one should I buy?” Sounds like a simple enough question, but is it really the right question to ask yourself first? Perhaps begin with: “What type of business do I see myself running?” “Do I want to flip hamburgers, run a dry cleaning business or maybe take care of the elderly?”